computing + engineering + culture


Summer programs to explore your passions.

You want to change the world? Get started.

Spend your summer learning how to use technology for social impact, so you can solve some of tomorrow’s most complex problems today. Practice the skills necessary to plan, design, communicate and implement your ideas both big and small.

Join students from around the world, and immerse yourself in a collaborative environment at the Lassonde School of Engineering.

Culture + Communication

Explore life at University

What does programming, star exploration, and earthquake detection have in common? These are all workshops you’ll participate in as part of camp this summer!
Our hands-on activities are designed to teach the direct applications of the engineering and computing principles you will experience at Camp.


Learn to think like a maker

A human centered design process spans across all three programs of Camp Lassonde. Learn how to empathize, define, ideate, prototype, test, and present your solutions. We will teach you the skills to share your ideas and designs with your peers and instructors.


We all play mobile games. Let’s make one.


During this 1 week camp, learn about the various aspects of game development, from environment and character design to programming and UI. Work in a team to build your very own mobile game on Unity.
11 Programs. 2 Weeks. 1 Grand Challenge.


A 2 week camp to learn the fundamental principles of engineering, technology, and design, and find out first hand how principles of science and engineering can be applied to issues that impact us all.
Push the limits of your imagination.

for People

4 Days to learn how engineering, computing, and design enhance our lives, and experience the real world engineering design process. Use your new skills to develop towards real human, community, or environmental challenges.

Our Team

James Smith

computer science +
electrical engineering professor

I’m an engineer who loves to teach. I came to York University because I loved the atmosphere and openness of the staff, faculty and students.

Camp Lassonde is a great way for others to get to try out what I get to experience all the time!


mechanical engineering student

I dedicate my hours to learning broadly. I have many passions, some of which include literature, film, art, and science.

To me, Camp Lassonde is a fun way to experience new things, meet new people, and blend together different elements of different disciplines to create something that matters.

Franz Newland

space engineering professor

I’m a romantic idealist who wants to make the world a better place. I’ve worked in the space industry for many years and am now at Lassonde to try to help our students change the world. I’m also a husband, a dad and friend to a cockatiel.

Camp Lassonde, to me, is an opportunity for future students to find out more about how they learn and make an impact on the world around them. It is an opportunity for exploration, curiosity and growth.

Hossam Sadek

mechanical engineering professor

I received my Masters and PhD degrees from McMaster University, Department of Mechanical Engineering. I am also the Graduate attribute lead for Mechanical engineering in Lassonde School of Engineering at York University.

My responsibilities include identifying and developing outcomes-based assessment opportunities, strategic plans, and a Faculty level Graduate Attribute Assessment Framework.

Magdalena Krol

civil engineering professor

I am an engineering professor at Lassonde with research interests including green roof design, innovative groundwater remediation and contaminant transport modelling. I am also a mom and proud dog owner of waffle!

Camp Lassonde is a unique way to explore a variety of university programs in bite-sized workshops, designed to help students make an informed choice for their future university career.


computer science student

I have a passion for design and media production.

To me, Camp Lassonde is a fantastic way to connect with current students, get a feel for the programs that are offered and really, to get involved in the Lassonde community.


digital media student

Equipped with a lifelong fascination with video game design, I create virtual worlds that you can explore with your computer.

Camp Lassonde is an opportunity for students to experience the school first hand, and explore not only Lassonde, but the beautiful city of Toronto.


computer engineering student

I study how electrons dance their way through the transistors and how we can request them to dance our way. I love to read non-fiction books and play cricket.

Camp Lassonde to me is exploring the spirit of Renaissance Engineering – a blend of arts and sciences.


software engineering student

I spend my free time learning new programming techniques, meeting new people, hiking into the Canadian wilderness, and hunting down the best coffee shops in the city.

Camp Lassonde brings together so much of what I love about not only Lassonde, but Canada in general! A diverse range of activities/workshops, trips, meeting people from various backgrounds…maybe I should drop out just so I can attend.

Jeffrey P Harris

mechanical engineering professor

Here at Lassonde I am working on implementing active learning and flipped classrooms, which stems from my research in engineering education and work-integrated learning.

Camp Lassonde is a pre-university opportunity for students to experience different ways of teaching and learning in an inclusive environment.

Kai Zhuang

renaissance engineering instructor

My path as an engineer + educator is a reflection of my belief in the wisdom and brilliance of our individual and collective humanity. From my experience in systems engineering, evolutionary ecology, and leadership development, I accompany the learning journeys of purpose-driven individuals and catalyze the creation of a new engineering education.

Camp Lassonde is an opportunity for me to play in a new space of teaching, learning, and co-creation.